Selected Publications

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Lee JY, Care RA, Kastner DB, Della Santina L, Dunn FA. Inhibition, but not excitation, recovers from partial cone loss with greater spatiotemporal integration, synapse density, and frequency. Cell Rep. 2022 Feb 1;38(5):110317. PMID: 35108533.

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Care RA, Anastassov IA, Kastner DB, Kuo YM, Della Santina L, Dunn FA. Mature retina compensates functionally for partial loss of rod photoreceptors. Cell Rep. 2020 Jun 09; 31(10):107730. PMID: 32521255.

Care RA, Kastner DB, De la Huerta I, Pan S, Khoche A, Della Santina L, Gamlin C, Santo Tomas C, Ngo J, Chen A, Kuo YM, Ou Y, Dunn FA. Partial cone loss triggers synapse-specific remodeling and spatial receptive field rearrangements in a mature retinal circuit. Cell Rep. 2019 May 14; 27(7):2171-2183.e5. PMID: 31091454.

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